5 good reasons to want to achieve inner peace?

5 good reasons to want to achieve inner peace?

Why is it so important to aim for inner peace first, and only after success or abundance? If you hit a wall in your life, you know why and you are probably already aware of the importance of the process. For those who have not yet struck, it's time to consider a different approach to aim for inner peace first.

Here are a few reasons to want to achieve inner peace

1- Success does not fill our search for purpose

Do you feel like you have realized your dreams? Maybe not yet. Maybe you also think that when you get the right job, or the right spouse, or this or that, it'll be better. By cons, are you sure that realizing these dreams will really bring you inner peace? Inner peace allows us to define who we are, to know ourselves deeply and to fill this void that we feel even if we have succeeded at any other level.

2- The satisfaction of the needs of the ego is fragile and temporary

If our well-being depends on external events such as professional success, our reputation, our financial abundance, successful children, the approval of others, etc., our well-being will remain very fragile. For sure, those nice little things bring a lot of satisfaction but in fact it is only temporary. Inner peace, however, is eternal once you have found and adopted it. You can't lose inner peace even though you can lose your reputation, your money or your family.

3- Desires make a heavy spiral without inner peace

After fulfilling one desire, another will be on the horizon. Perpetual desires characterize our humanity and impose on us an endless race, which throws us into a heavy spiral. A heavy spiral, because if a desire is not satisfied, if an acquired is lost, if an achievement disappears, we risk being disappointed, anxious and even angry.

To avoid all this negativity, inner peace makes it possible to be satisfied whether you meet glorious success or sometimes fail bitterly, and to know how to accept life as it comes. As Prem Rawat teaches it, inner peace is important to achieve personal desires and move forward in life.

4- Become a better man

Financial, personal or family successes do not usually make you a better person. Of course it helps, but only inner peace can be a person's being accomplished. Inner peace not only brings inner happiness but helps to understand and think of others.

Prem Rawat for example still teaches inner peace as an instrument for peace in the world. Inner peace brings empathy, sharing and knowledge, which are indispensable elements to make every individual better and thus become a better person.

5- Inner peace improves health and fitness

Through the practices for inner peace such as yoga or meditation, you can improve your respiration, relaxation of muscles and accelerate healing. Intense abdominal breathing taught in yoga, for example, calms the nerves and is an excellent treatment for stress, fatigue, migraines or heavy legs. Relaxation allows you to sleep better at night and fight against insomnia, sleepwalking or nightmares.

Finally, inner peace promotes natural healing because the body itself produces more white cells and naturally fights any bacterium or virus.

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