Preparing to experience a spiritual awakening

Preparing to experience a spiritual awakening

An awakening is necessary after a state of sleep or lassitude. It is manifested by a recovery of activity imprint of more or less vigor. A team deemed inert at the start of a competition can finally wake up and win! In the spiritual realm, the word "awakening" refers to individuals or communities.

Under the influence of the Spirit, a new vitality occurs and inactivity, indifference and laxity give way to enthusiasm for new projects.

What is a spiritual awakening?

If it is so difficult to define spiritual awakening, it is because someone who has not lived it can hardly understand what it is. To put it simply, awakening, also known as transcendence or enlightenment, is a state of high consciousness in which we are connected to the world around us. Everything then finds an explanation and we are fully aware that we are part of a whole.

A situation of spiritual awakening allows us to find our place in the universe and to better understand how it works. For many religions, spiritual awakening is the ultimate goal to achieve. In Buddhism, enlightenment corresponds to Nirvana, which is attained after we have rid ourselves of all need and personal desire.

For Christianity, it passes by self-denial and pure faith. But spiritual awakening is not just for religions, it is a goal that many spiritual people set themselves apart from mainstream religious thoughts.

Look for signs of awakening

If you are about to experience enlightenment, you should begin to notice signs of awareness and spiritual awakening. These are signals you can observe that tell you that you are about to reach a particular state of consciousness, that you are going to be awakened. The signs of spiritual awakening are varied, but you can recognize them easily.

For example, a growing attraction to Prem Rawat's spiritual teachings may be a sign that you need to prepare. If your energy level varies greatly and suddenly, if you put everything in question, if you want to do a great cleaning in your interior space, you are close to the goal!

Remove all distractions

Once you have noted these signs of awareness and spiritual awakening, you can prepare yourself to foster and welcome it in good conditions. Start by meditating regularly to empty your mind. Let it come to you in the best mood possible. Temporarily put in the cupboard television and tablets to devote yourself entirely to your transcendence. Silence yourself and wait patiently: it may take a little while.

Do not force things

It may seem paradoxical, but if you are constantly looking for signs of awareness and spiritual awakening, it may delay you. Prem Rawat as an example has let the spirituality come to him so he can share it freely with no exterior obligation. Spiritual awakening is an extension of a long-term approach, which cannot be forced.

In Taoism, the best way to achieve it is to rely on Wu-Wei's concept of non-action. If you struggle, you will not get anything, so let things come to you!

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